Be My Doppelganger is a massively loud, charmingly sloppy pop band from Evansville, Indiana. For a solid decade, they’ve been trudging along in a small underground punk rock scene, leaving a trail of sporadic and varied recorded output that owes as much to the guitar-based experimentalism of early Flaming Lips, My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr as it does to the raw, simplistic power of The Ramones, The Stooges or The Replacements.

The band – Vocalist/Guitarist, Matt Glick, Vocalist/Bassist, Bradley Glick, Guitarist, Ryan Dunn, and Drummer, Thomas Poole -is comprised of four lifelong friends, two of which happen to be brothers who share lead vocal duties. This incarnation of the lineup has remained constant since 2008, though it should be noted that the band recorded their debut LP, Rock n Roll, Genius!, and a smattering of 7” singles with drummer, Mark Nance, and guitarist, Kevin Wilson.

In 2008, Be My Doppelganger teamed up with It’s Alive Records for the release of the Sonic Annihilation EP, which showed a marked change in direction from their previous roots rock n roll-inspired power pop to a speedier, heavier, less predictable route. This EP led to 2010’s No Composure LP, also on It’s Alive. If Sonic Annihilation showed a new direction, No Composure showed that any direction was possible. The album, while still firmly planted in upbeat, melodic punk rock territory, stank of arena rock guitar riffs, and displayed some obvious influences ranging from 60’s soul to 90’s alt-rock.

While No Composure was their biggest step forward, in terms of writing, recording, and building a strong international fanbase, the band was ultimately unhappy with the recording and performance, mostly attributed to a lack of preparedness to record the material, and an inability to stay sober while working on the record.

Constant touring and festival appearances followed the release of No Composure, until the band decided to take time off to write what would ultimately become 2014’s Artless.  Self released on their own Bitchin’ Riffage label, with a successful crowd funding campaign, Artless is their most cohesive, and sonically interesting work, to date. Drawing more influence from 90’s alt-rock than any flavor of punk rock, Artless proves that Be My Doppelganger are masters of re-invention, and capable of writing several unforgettable pop songs per record.

Their fourth LP, yet to be titled, is already slated to be recorded before the end of 2015, with international tours and festival appearances in the works.


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